Non-Emergency Medical EVACUATION

We differentiate ourselves from other non-emergency medical transportation companies by providing fast acting medical evacuations.

One of the ways we do this is by having vehicles distributed throughout the city day and night. This strategic plan assures our clients that there are always vehicles in their area that are ready to react on a moment’s notice.

When your facility is cleared for patients to return, Express Medical Transportation, Inc will pick up your residents/patients and return them to your facility. 

With over 6000 trips per month our drivers know the Kansas City and surrounding area and can easily transport your patients anywhere in the state.

 Our fleet consists of more than 30 vehicles that can be dispatched in the event of an evacuation.

Express Medical Transportation Team


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Express Medical Transportation is the best choice for 24/7 non-emergency, Wheelchair, Stretcher and Bariatric Stretcher evacuations.

DISPATCH: (816) 582-3456 

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